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Park Center, Incis a Joint Commision -accredited, non-profit counseling and psychiatric center celebrating over 30 years of excellence in behavioral health education.  Park Center's Professional Training Series (PTS) offers intermediate to advanced level workshops led by national and international experts in mental health and addictions. The goal of the PTS is to enhance professional competency and effectiveness by focusing on evidence-based or best practices in the field.  Continuing education credit is available for social workers, addiction counselors, mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, psychologists and Indiana law enforcement personnel.  If you would like to join our mail list to receive our workshop e-flyers and our Continuing Education Highlights (CEH) newsletter, you can sign up below.  





2017 Professional Training Series Workshops

 Each workshop offers offers 6 CE hours. Click on the title of the workshop to register.




Bouncing Back: Rewiring the Brain for Resilience and Well Being 

Presentor: Linda Graham, MFT

Overview: Dealing effectively with challenges and crisis in life is the core of resilience and well-being.  Helping clients develop flexible and adaptive strategies for coping with everyday disappointments and extraordinary disasters is the heart of the therapeutic process.  Helping clients harness the brain's own mechanisms of change to rewire coping strategies that are defensive, dysfunctional, and blocking of growth, and to encode new more flexible patterns of response, is the focus of this training.  



Understanding the Impact of Trauma and Poverty on Families: Risk, Resilence and Intervention

Presentor: Laurel J. Kiser, Ph.D, M.B.A.

Overview: Many families adjust to enormous challenges and hardships and, in the best of circumstances, demonstrate positive adaptations.  However, repeated traumatic experiences can also lead to persistent distress at every level, ultimately interfering with the family's capacity to serve its protective function. Using the established framework of individual complex trauma, this workshop examines the impact of chronic or ongoing trauma exposures on family responses and functioning.  Understanding the clinical characteristics associated with this adaptation process helps clinicians and families partner to develop trauma-focused family service plans.  Using case materials to illustrate this conceptual model, participants will review implications for assessment, case conceptualization, treatment planning, and intervention.



Proven and Effective Play Therapy Strategies with Children and Adolescents for All Ages

Presentor: Christine Fryden Dargon, Ph.D.

Overview:  Children lack some cognitive abilities needed to understand their world and experiences because they are still developing.  In addition, they also lack the vocabulary to communicate their emotions and perceptions to someone else.  This is where Play Therapy can be very useful and a vital tool.  This conference will teach attendees how to use play therapy as an incredible method of communication and diagnostics.  It will teach participants how to interpret the ways in which children play, the importance of what they play with/what they create, and how to interpret their interactions with us as the professional. By attending this seminar, participants will learn how to understand and determine what the individual is struggling with and causes for presenting behaviors and emotions through their play.  Attendees will leave with a tool box filled with ready-to-use Play Therapy techniques that they will immediately be able to implement in their work with children and clients of all ages.  This tool box will consist of appropriate tools for different presenting problems such as anger, ADHD, depression, anxiety and more.  Some of the tools will include Sand Tray therapy, coloring, the use of puppets, dance/movement, "I Spy", and many other great techniques.  Much of this conference will include active learning and participation.  So get ready to learn, have fun and see the world through a child's eyes.


Friday, 10/13/17

Sacred Stress: A Radically Different Approach to Using Life's Challenges for Positive Change

Presentor: George Faller, MS, ,LMFT

Overview:  Stress takes life and gives life.  It is an inescapable part of our existence.  The key to successful living is managing stress effectively and efficiently.  Rather than letting stress shut us down and insidiously ravage our bodies, we need to embrace it as an opportunity to deepen self-awareness, form richer relationships and find spiritual vitality.  Learning to befriend stress changes our relationship to it and empowers us to use stress as a catalyst for positive change in all areas of life.  



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