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Park's Center's Student Training Program

For Associates and Bachelor Level Students




Associate and Bachelor level students Students at the Bachelors and Associates level will be expected to demonstrate good writing and communication skills, as well as professionalism. It is expected students at this level will have some general knowledge of mental health issues.

Students seeking to work with a specific population, (e.g., adults, children, substance abusers, geriatrics), are expected to have taken related course work, (e.g., child development, adolescent psychology, geriatric psychology, substance abuse education) that has laid a foundation for understanding the types of developmental needs and tasks of the populations they will be working with.

Students will be assigned structured tasks consistent with the expectations of a beginning level clinician during the course of their internship placement.



Students are to adhere to Park Center policies and procedures during their internship at Park Center, which includes the Center's policy on confidentiality and client rights.  All students are required to complete a "HIPAA, Confidentiality and Client Rights" course and sign the appropriate agreement form indicating they understand Park Center's standards concerning HIPAA compliance, state confidentiality regulations, and client rights, and agree to abide by them.

Park Center does not permit the utilization of any client identifiable health information for class assignments. Therefore, students may not take any written, audio-visual, or computer related client information off Park Center's premises.  In addition, faculty advisors are not allowed on-site to observe students with clients.  When observation of a student with the client is a requirement of the internship process, we recommend Park Center's clinical supervisor be used to perform that function on behalf of the faculty advisor.  Therefore, it is important for faculty advisors to clearly define / articulate the skill areas they want our clinical supervisors to observe on their behalf.  Violations of Park Center HIPAA / confidentiality policy can result in immediate termination of placement. 



Park Center's malpractice / liability insurance policy covers students during their field placement at Park Center. Associate and Bachelor level students are not required to carry liability insurance, however, if the academic institution provides their students with malpractice / liability insurance coverage, then we request the internship / practicum faculty advisor provide Park Center's Professional Development Coordinator with documentation of the insurance coverage.



Student Benefits Shall Include:


  1. Coverage by Park Center's liability / malpractice insurance policy.
  2. Use of Park Center's facilities (e.g. library, staff lounge, intranet, etc.).
  3. Private office space (when appropriate and available).
  4. Access to equipment (e.g. copier, audio-visual, computer).
  5. Support services (e.g. general secretarial & technical services).
  6. Participation in staff activities (e.g. in-house training events, Professional Training Series Workshops, staff events, meetings,etc.).
  7. Opportunities to learn about and / or experience the various services and programs of Park Center.



Application Requirements:

  1. A completed Student Training Application Form (see link at the end of this information)
  2. An official transcript of one's current academic record (note: a computer print out of one's transcript can be used as a temporary record, until the official one becomes available - to be provided within two weeks)

  3. Proof of liability insurance coverage (only if the academic institution provides it, the student is not required to purchase liability insurance coverage)

  4. Letter of institutional sponsorship from the internship / practicum faculty advisor which should address / include:

    •  reasons the faculty advisor considers the student ready for internship
    • an educational agreement / understanding between the academic institution and park center which identifies shared responsibilities for the internship process.
    • internship expectations / goals 
  5. Submit application requirements as a complete packet, if possible, to the appropriate placement coordinator to avoid the risk of something being lost. Applications should be submitted 3 - 4 weeks prior to when the student WANTS / NEEDS TO begin his / her internship.  Keep in mind, many students and / or faculty advisors will establish contact with park center 3 or 4 months in advance to see if there are openings and to try to secure a slot.
  6. The placement coordinator will arrange an initial placement interview with the student. students may also contact the placement coordinator to check on the status of their application and to arrange an interview once their application has been submitted and is complete. the initial placement interview shall involve a discussion about the placement process, expectations, and potential placement sites.
  7. Background checks are conducted on all students by the Professional Development Coordinator (PDC) and acceptance for placement is contingent upon an acceptable finding. (Park Center pays for the cost of conducting a background check) placement coordinators shall forward forms completed by the student to the PDC before the student begins their internship (e.g. statement of eligibility, authorization for limited criminal background check, corporate compliance statement, confidentiality statement, and code of ethics agreement). 
  8. A placement interview is also arranged with a potential park center supervisor. this interview allows the potential supervisor and student the opportunity to ask questions in order to ensure a "good fit" between the student's placement goals and supervision requirements, and what the program can provide.
  9. The placement coordinator and supervisor shall make a decision whether to accept the student for placement, once the background check status is cleared.  if accepted, start and end dates for the placement shall be discussed.  the placement coordinator shall then provide the supervisor with an internship packet that contains a copy of the student's application and supervision forms.


For additional information on the internship application process contact:


Catherine Mather-Grimes, LSW, BSW
Adult Area Placement Coordinator

Phone:  (260) 482-9125, ext. 8486




Anita Wolfe, BS

Child Area Placement Coordinator

Phone:  (260) 482-9125, ext. 2426




  1. The Professional Development Coordinator (PDC), Placement Coordinator and the student's Supervisor shall maintain a student internship file for a period of seven (7) years, and shall include a copy of:

    a. the student's application

    b. signed agreements and forms, e.g., educational contract, confidentiality statement, corporate compliance agreement, and code of ethics

    c. the placement schedule and student training plan

    d. mid and final evaluations

    e. supervision logs

    f. any other information or correspondence related to the student's internship
  2. The Placement Coordinator shall review the placement procedures and responsibilities with the student and address any related questions the student
    may have.
  3. The student and supervisor shall establish a mutually agreeable placement schedule with a specified start and end date for the placement.
  4. If a student requires computer access, the placement coordinator or student's supervisor shall arrange for the student to meet with the professional development coordinator to complete the necessary paperwork for computer access. a meeting with Human Resources (HR) personnel shall be arranged following, so that the student can be added to the computer system.  The PDC shall also provide copies of computer access paperwork to information systems (is), so they can arrange computer access privileges for the student.
  5. Supervisors shall assist students to review the online policies and procedures, and to complete the essential learning curriculum for interns.  They shall also help students become oriented to Park Center by completing the student orientation checklist in the internship packet.
  6. Students shall comply with Park Center policy and procedures on safety, HIPPA / confidentiality, notification of absence / illness, supervision, professional
    conduct, computer use, training, documentation and billing, etc.
  7. The student's Supervisor shall assist the student in developing a placement training plan that identifies their internship goals for the field placement experience. the placement training plan shall be used in determining the success of the student's placement and help guide the mid / final evaluation process.
  8. Students shall receive at least one hour a week of face to face supervision with their Supervisor, which shall be documented on a supervision documentation log (make additional copies of the form as needed). If students are working with clients, supervision shall also include direct observation of the student with client(s) on a minimum of at least two (2) occasions.  Adequate supervision shall be provided as is necessary to protect client welfare. supervisors shall determine how much additional supervision is necessary based on the student's experience, knowledge, and skill level.
  9. The student's Supervisor shall complete a mid and final evaluation of the student's learning and performance during their internship if the student is here for 8 weeks
    or longer
    .  If the student is here less than 8 weeks, only a final evaluation is required. a copy of the final evaluation shall be forwarded to the PDC.
  10. The student's supervisor shall complete and return any required correspondence regarding the student's internship within the specified timeline.
  11. If a student is documenting in a client's medical record: all medical record entries shall be reviewed and approved by the student's supervisor as meeting park center's "quality" and "medical necessity" standards, as evidenced by the supervisor's signature and date, and, as required, an hspp signature shall also be obtained on the medical record entry.
  12. Depending on the student's internship requirements, students may be expected to regularly attend the program's staff meetings. In addition to the required online training, students may also attend other training events as deemed appropriate by their Supervisor.
  13. The PDC and Placement Coordinator shall be notified of any problems between Park Center, the student, and / or academic institution.  Park Center's policy and procedure for corrective action and / or termination shall be applicable to student interns Serious violations of Park Center policies and procedures may result in immediate termination, e.g., breach of confidentiality, ethics violations such as sexual misconduct with a client, etc. a formal discussion or meeting shall be arranged with the student, student's Supervisor, faculty advisor and PDC, when an internship needs to be terminated.  Less serious violations, where student performance is not in conformance with expected standards, shall, first, require a corrective action plan. the student and the student's Supervisor shall receive a copy of the corrective action, as well as the placement coordinator and professional development coordinator. Students who are unable to satisfy the requirements of the corrective action plan within the specified time frame (generally 30 days), may be terminated.
  14. Students shall sign a computer use agreement signifying that they agree to abide by park center's policy or terms for using the computer.  Violations of this policy can lead to immediate termination of placement.
  15. If a student, who is not a staff member, has been given computer access, then the Supervisor or Placement Coordinator shall arrange for the student to meet with the Professional Development Coordinator to complete paperwork for terminating computer access at the end of their internship.
  16. Copies of all supervision documentation and evaluation shall be forwarded to the PDC by the Supervisor upon completion of the internship to be kept for a period of seven (7) years (as required by law).



  1. Students are expected to demonstrate professional conduct at all times, which includes their behavior, conversation, and appearance.
  2. Students are to abide by the Center's code of ethics, the ethical standards of their profession, and the policies and procedures of Park Center. 
  3. Students need to be flexible when working out a placement schedule and when scheduling supervision time with supervisors. clinical supervisors are often very busy individualswho will do their best to work out a mutually agreeableschedule. Note on scheduling supervision: it may be best to schedule supervision at least four (4) weeks out to reduce the frustration of scheduling conflicts that can come up. It is also good practice to schedule the mid and final evaluation dates at the beginning of placement to avoid scheduling hassles later on.
  4. Students shall be expected to maintain attendance according to their placement schedule and follow the Center's policies on attendance.  Any changes in the placement schedule needs to be approved by the student's Supervisor.  If a student is ill, they need to notify their supervisor of their absence.  If a student is away for more than two weeks, it could result in termination of placement depending on the circumstances.
  5. Students that work with clients: need to disclose their student status, current credentials, the approximate timethey will be working at Park Center (duration of placement), and who their clinical supervisor is.  Clients have the right to know this information under the Patient Bill of Rights Act.  Clients also have the right to refuse to work with a student if they prefer not to.
  6. Students who work with clients are encouraged to participate in clinical staff meetings on a regular basis.
  7. Students who work with clients need to allow time for closure with clients.  Clients can get close to students over time and forget they will be leaving, so it is important for the student to take time during their last few weeks to say good-bye to those they are working with, including staff.




Student supervision is a process whereby a seasoned professional has responsibility for the oversight, training, and evaluation of a student in a related profession who is seeking to acquire knowledge and skills from a field placement experience.


Oversight involves the monitoring of a student's placement experience for adjustment / adaptation:  

  1. Placement / environmental adjustment.
  2. Ability to apply academic learning to the placement experience.
  3. Ability to satisfy internal / external documentation requirements if applicable.
  4. Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with clients.
  5. Compliance with Park Center's policies and procedures.
  6. Training includes learning opportunities the student receives to further their professional development, such as: 

    Orientation to park center's service delivery system, i.e., intake, transfer, referral, emergency care, and discharge processes.
    Opportunities to participate in training, e.g., clinical training, online training, pts workshops, possibly computer training, etc.
    Opportunities to learn about park center's clinical processes and how / what information gets documented, e.g., client intakes, assessments, contacts, diagnoses, treatment plans, etc.
    Opportunities to personally experience and learn about the dynamics of the client / clinician relationship.
    Opportunities to learn from seasoned professionals during clinical staff meetings, department and service center training events, supervision sessions, etc.
    Opportunities to experience case management and networking in action, e.g., the linking of clients to internal and external resources, supports, and information.

Evaluation is the ongoing assessment and feedback of the student's performance which is used to further their professional development.  This includes:

  1. Weekly supervision / consultation sessions with the student's Supervisor and / or with other seasoned professionals designated by the student's Supervisor to assist in supervision. this includes opportunities for direct observation of the student with clients.
  2. Other clinical feedback, i.e., during clinical staffing meetings, from other seasoned professionals and trainers, etc. 
  3. Mid / final placement evaluations which provide the student with an evaluation of their placement performance and goal achievement.


Park Center is the largest Mental Health Center in Northeast Indiana , established 60 years ago. With an annual budget of more than 22 million dollars and over 350 employees, Park Center served 7,897 clients last fiscal year through 30 client service programs. Services are provided through three clinical service centers: Managed Care Services, Adult Community Services, and Child and Adult Services. In addition, Medical Services, which is staffed by five psychiatrists and three clinical nurse specialists, provides psychiatric and medical services to these clinical service centers. Support for the clinical service centers is provided by Administrative and Corporate Services staff.



The mission and values statements that follow were adopted by the Park Center Board of Directors after a strategic planning process that involved consumers, family members, staff, management, and community leaders.


Park Center's Mission : The mission of Park Center is to restore lives.  By partnering with consumers, we strive to support and facilitate their journey towards health. 

Supporting Values:

  • Listening to Consumers:  We recognize that our customers are in charge of their recovery journey. Whenever possible, we will arrange services dictated by their strengths, dreams and desires.
  • Commitment to Excellence: We are committed to excellence in every part of our organization and in our relationships to the communities and the clients we serve.
  • Most In Need As Priority: Park Center places those consumers who are most in need as our highest priority.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We are committed to customer satisfaction by being flexible, responsive, friendly, and by placing the customer first.
  • Mutual Respect: We respect staff in a way that promotes a sense of ownership, motivation, growth, trust, and shared responsibility for creating our own future.
  • Financial Strength: Park Center is best able to fulfill its mission through a position of financial strength. Strong business practices will promote a healthy bottom line.


History Of Park Center


Park Center Services


Associates/Bachelor's Student Internship Application


Email Applications to:


Catherine Mather-Grimes, LSW, BSW
Adult Area Placement Coordinator

Phone:  (260) 482-9125, ext. 8486




Anita Wolfe, BS

Child Area Placement Coordinator

Phone:  (260) 482-9125, ext. 2426