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Transitional Care Services

(260) 969-8440


Transitional Care Services (TCS) is a crisis stabilization program.  TCS is a 24-hour, 30 bed, sub-acute, transitional residential unit designed to assist those with serious mental illness and/or substance addicted clients in remaining in the least restrictive environment during episodes of psychiatric decompensation. This service promotes a strong continuum of mental health services in the community.  TCS is designed to prevent reduce hospitalizations and prevent further decompensation. It also provides respite placement for family caregivers, temporary shelter for mentally ill homeless adults, and temporary placement for clients discharged from state operated facilities.


After-hours and emergency services are also coordinated for Park Center as part of this program.  Assessment services are provided to those who are having urgent mental health issues. If you are having an urgent need, in order to provide the best service, we recommend that you call us first at 969-9440 or toll free: 1-866-481-2700 before coming to our facility.  In some instances, we can recommend other options in consideration of the best level of care to meet your needs.   TCS is located at 1909 Carew Street, on the second floor of the Park Center Carew building.  If coming after 5 pm or on weekends, please utilize the buzzer/intercom system next to the front entrance. 


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