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Serving Northern Indiana for 61 Years


Child and Adult Services

Lets face facts, at one time or another throughout life, most people experience significant personal or emotional problems. Park Center is helping people of all ages, in all stages of life who are having personal, family, or relationship problems. Child and Adult Services provide a wide array of confidential services and the clinical staff in Outpatient Services work to provide effective, time-sensitive, and goal-focused treatment for such issues as: depression, anxiety, family conflict, and stress-related concerns. Treatment services include individual, group, marital, and family counseling.

Children and adolescents experience problems similar to adults, and by identifying the unique emotional and developmental needs of children and adolescents, Park Center develops a treatment plan uniquely suited for the child or adolescent. Programs offered within this service center are: (Click a service to view it)

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Adolescent Residential Services
Adolescent Day Treatment Program
Home Based Services
Placement Diversion Program
Family Education Center
Three Wishes Early Childhood Therapeutic Program

Call Center
Outpatient Services
Bluffton and Decatur Offices
Psychological Testing

Adult Community Services

Mental illnesses are equal opportunity diseases that can happen to anyone at any time. The effects can be debilitating and can sometimes limit a person’s ability to function in daily life. Severe and persistent mental illnesses also impact one’s ability to live an independent life, which most of us take for granted. At Park Center, we offer comprehensive and individualized treatment services in the least restrictive setting, helping people readjust to the community and lead independent lives.

The primary goal of Adult Community Services is to stabilize adult clients experiencing acute psychiatric reactions. Other goals are to monitor and support chronically mentally ill persons and to serve those clients who can benefit from outcome-focused, time-limited, rehabilitative services. Case management services are provided, linking resources, medical, and professional treatment with the goal of promoting self-sufficiency. Services may include: (Click a service to view it)

Outpatient Stabilization
Adult Residential Services
Assertive Community Treatment Team
Continuous Treatment Teams
Eagle Employment Services
Homeless Team Services
Transitional Care Services


Managed Care Services

Medical Services
Inpatient Services
Court Liaison
Hospital Liaison
Addictions Services