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Multicultural Health Initiative 


Stimga can lead individuals to live in denial and often prevent them from seeking help. Cultural background can affect how we label and communicate our distress.  Park Center's Multicultural Health Initiative provides improved access to mental health and addictions treatment for underserved populations in the community through a collaborative partnership with Neighborhood Health Clinics, the Fort Wayne Urban League, and Catholic Charities.



Working collaboratively with community agencies to provide quality neighborhood-based mental health services to the minority and immigrant/refugee members of the Fort Wayne community.



Therapists provide services at a variety of agencies in the community - including

  • Ft. Wayne Urban League at 2135 Hanna St., #3
  • Dept. of Health/Medical Annex
  • Autumn Woods Catholic Charities office at 1941 Chartwell Drive
  • Neighborhood Health Clinics at 1717 S. Calhoun St. and 3350 Paulding Road.

Our Immigrant/Refugee Community Outreach Liaison provides services at Neighborhood Health Clinics, 3350 Paulding Rd. and in the community.


Services provided include education, skills building, care coordination, casemanagement, addictions treatment, and mental health counseling to ages six and older.  



The grant is intended to serve those belonging to minority populations, including the elderly, and other underserved persons who have limited access to traditional mental health and addiciton services. 


Referrals may be made to any of the three agencies listed below for the Multicultural Health Initiative.  A comprehensive assessment will be completed prior to services being provided. 

  • Referral Form plus instructions on where to send completed referral form.

The program manager for this grant is Kathleen Halbach, who is licensed in both Mental Health Counseling and Addictions.
Contact details:


NEIGHBORHOOD HEALTH CLINICS, 1717 S. Calhoun St., Ft. Wayne, IN   


FORT WAYNE URBAN LEAGUE, 2135 S. Hanna St. #3, Ft. Wayne, IN


CATHOLIC CHARITIES, 1941 Chartwell Drive, Fort Wayne, IN    




Multicultural Health Initiative Advisory Board Members

  • Tom Allman, Park Center

  • Jomare Bowers-Mizzel, Links, Inc.

  • Jane Holliday, Parkview Behavioral Health

  • Nyein Chan, Catholic Charities

  • Meg Distler, St. Joseph Community Health Foundation

  • Kathleen Halbach, Multicultural Health Initiative

  • James Williams, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) Fort Wayne Chapter

  • Mary Haupert, Neighborhood Health Clinics

  • Jonathon Ray, Fort Wayne Urban League
  • Marcia Haff, Lutheran Foundation
  • Patrice Miller, Victims Assistance
  • Janet Nes, I.U. School of Social Work
  • Paul Wilson, Park Center



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