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Medical Services

(260) 481-2750

Medical Services is staffed by licensed nurses, clinical nurse specialists and psychiatrists. Park Center provides comprehensive medication services; including assessments, medication reviews, pharmacy services, and injections, as well as health education. Nursing Services are organized to provide quality nursing care to all clients served by assisting in the identification of medical issues and consultation on appropriate medical care.

Medical Director: Dr. Larry Lambertson
Nursing Coordinator: Susan Didion
Psychiatrists:  Dr. Syed Mumtaz
Clinical Nurse Specialists: Viann Ellsworth, Karen Lothamer and Cathy Duchovic

Park Center Doctors

Pictured right to left: Dr. Syed Mumtaz, Cathy Duchovic CNS, Dr. Ajaz Iqbal, Karen Lothamer CNS, Dr. Larry Lambertson, ViAnn Ellsworth CNS, Dr. Don Marshall, Dr. Vijoy Varma