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Renewing Hope . . . Restoring Lives


Treatment Philosphy

Park Center's central role in the community is to serve those with serious mental illness.  Recovery, overcoming the effects of one's mental illness, and living a hopeful, satisfying life, is at the core of what we would like for everyone who comes to us for services. We are here to help as individuals embark on their path to recovery.  We recognize that our understanding of how we can best help consumers in thier journey towards recovery changes over time.  We recognize that we can not, and do not wish to control their journey, but desire to support them as they pursue competence, indepedence and satsfaction in all spheres of their lives.  Our therapists and medical professionals support individuals in planning personalized treatment and recovery goals.  Our role is to help individuals begin to live the life they want, with meaning and purpose, as the impact of mental illness is reversed.


About us

Park Center offers 24-hour, 7 days a week comprehensive services operating through three clinical service centers: Child and Adult Services, Adult Community Services, and Managed Care Services.  Park Center staff includes psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, certified substance abuse counselors, psychiatric nurses, recovery specialists, and a range of other professionals.  Park Center’s diverse staff is a strong asset, providing expert consultation on cases, working with individuals to find the right solutions to their behavioral health concerns.  Staff at Park Center work hard to stay at the cutting edge in health information technology and in the best therapeutic techniques for providing the highest quality of care.  Many of our programs are accredited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities), which demonstrates that Park Center meets internationally recognized standards for treatment, and continually enhances the quality of its services and programs and its focus on consumer satisfaction.


Our CEO, Paul Wilson, MSSW, MHA, and the Board of Directors at Park Center provide the leadership and governance as a private, not-for-profit organization.  


A Brief History

Park Center, Inc. (formerly the Mental Health Center at Fort Wayne) has a long history of providing behavioral health services and collaborating with other organizations to improve the system of care in the community.  Services began in 1947 when a volunteer community group formed the first board of directors for the Ft. Wayne Child Guidance Clinic.  In 1962, services began at the Adult Psychiatric Clinic with the mission to serve seriously mentally ill adults.


In 1967, it merged with the Child Guidance Clinic to become the Mental Health Center at Fort Wayne.  The state of Indiana designated it a community mental health center in 1975, with a primary service area of Allen, Adams, and Wells Counties.


The main complex of buildings at 909 East State Boulevard was completed and occupied in 1976, later changing its name to the present Park Center, Inc., in 1983.  In 1987, Park Center opened a new office in Adams County in Decatur. In 1989, Park Center opened a facility in Bluffton, which is in Wells County.


To date, Park Canter offers a complete, comprehensive range of services to assist those in their recovery from mental illnesses.  We are proud of our continuum of care, which is has earned positive and frequent recognition from the State and our peers in the business of behavioral healthcare.  Currently, we offer 35 programs, occupy 24 buildings (including our residential service locations), and employ over 400 staff.



Our fees are based on the cost of providing services.  We are competitively priced and those individuals in our three-county service area may be eligible for a fee adjustment for some programs and services if they qualify under Indiana’s Hoosier Assurance Plan. Such eligibility is based on family size, income, and level of disability, and is determined at the time of the first appointment.


We also are providers in many insurance plans, and depending on policy coverage, costs will be determined.  Payment plans can be designed, if needed.