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Consumer and Family Information


Park Center is comitted to providing mental health services that support you or your loved one throughout the recovery journey.  A wide variety of programs and services are available.  We hold a Person Centered Planning approach to treatment, meaning that a consumer's opinions, preferences and values will direct treatment services.  Our professional staff will assist you in this process, as well as advise you of the supports and services that can assist you and/or your family.  The advantages to Person Centered Planning include:

  • Adults, families and youth have the opportunity to design their own treatment plan.
  • If they choose, this process can include others, such as family members, friends, school personnel, religious supports and other professionals working in partnership.
  • This plan is based on things important to consumers and their families, that is, their hopes and desires.
  • Treatment decisons are based on a person's abilities or strengths, rather than their limitations.
  • With cooperative partnership and realistic discussion, positive and helpful solutions can be found that will improve the quality of life for consumers and their families.

The links directly below provide general information about our services and about common mental health disorders:


The following links provide general information about our services and mental health disorders in Spanish language:


The links directly below provide general information about our services, common mental health issues and more in Burmese language:


 The links below provide information on Park Center policies and procedures. 



To report a corporate compliance issue, please contact the Corporate Compliance Officer at (260)481-2700 ext.2185. Issues and concerns may also be reported anonymously at (260) 481-2700 ext. 2186.