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Your Mental Health Hospital in Fort Wayne, IN

Mental Illness Does Not

Have To Equal A Loss of Hope


Mental illness impacts people without regard to age, income, or profession. More than 61 million Americans (1 in 4) experience mental illness in a one year period. Mental illness can interfere with daily life activities, but only 16 percent seek treatment.  Recent advances in medical science have proven with the right combination of treatment and services, people with mental illness can overcome the effects of the disease.  Park Center is committed to supporting individuals and families work toward greater independence and community reintegration.  By helping individuals recover from mental illness and take back control of their lives, achieving goals and dreams become possible. 


Who We Are

Park Center is a private, nonprofit mental health center, offering a full continuum of services. Our mission is to restore lives.  By partnering with consumers, we strive to support and facilitate their journey toward health. We offer a person-centered treatment philosophy approach as we help those in need reverse the impact of their mental illness.



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