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Mental Health Hospital in Fort Wayne, IN


Mental Illness Does not have to Equal a Loss of Hope

About 61 million Americans, or a quarter of our country's population, will experience mental illness each year. No matter who you are or where you come from, your struggle with mental illness is real.


Park Center Inc. can help you. We're committed to helping individuals and families heal and become independent again. Contact us when you need a mental health hospital or counseling services in Fort Wayne, IN.


Get Help With Mental Illness

Though mental illness is very common, very few people ever seek treatment. Take the first step towards healing by reaching out to a professional. Though asking for help is difficult, your courage will pay off.


Park Center offers adult counseling, couples counseling, and child counseling for every age and circumstance. We're confident that our experienced professionals can help you. For more information about what we offer our patients, take a look at our services.


Call Our Office

Park Center has been a fixture of the Fort Wayne, IN, community since 1947, when we began as the Fort Wayne Child Guidance Clinic. We added adult psychiatric care in 1967. The state designated us a community health center in 1975, and we've gone by our current name since 1976.


Though our name and location has changed over the years, our commitment to our community and our patients has not. We're ready to serve you or your family members when you need us. To find our center closest to you, take a look at our contact page or call (260) 481.2700. We hope to help you improve your mental health as soon as possible.


Who We Are

Park Center is a private, nonprofit mental health center, offering a full continuum of services. Our mission is to restore lives.  By partnering with consumers, we strive to support and facilitate their journey toward health. We offer a person-centered treatment philosophy approach as we help those in need reverse the impact of their mental illness.



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